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This is the original Spirit of 58 Tshirt which I myself purchased.

Hard act to follow design wise, but this is being reproduced and will hopefully be as popular as last time! Oh, and modeled by the legend that is… Joey Jones

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Spirit of 58

Some great news for the Spirit of 58, the Tshirts will be available from the following…

Wrexham FC Club Shop

Merthyr Tydfil FC Club Shop

Bangor City FC Club Shop

Rhyl FC Club Shop

Newport County FC Club Shop

Wrexham Supporters Trust

The Turf

And online at http://www.ffwtbol.com

Tshirts being produced next week so will be out in time for Christmas! Heres a peak of the two I designed…

Nearly finished - 1958 Line up Tee


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Spirit of 58

Spirit of 58 is a Welsh football following which has recently started up. The name comes from the only time Wales have qualified for a major finals back in 1958, in Sweden. The first two tshirts designs proved very popular amongst Welsh fans, and fortunately i’ve been given the job of designing the next releases! Also designing flyers, stickers etc…

Check out the Facebook group…


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Well it’s been a stessful & tiring week! When checking through my work, it hit my I didn’t have as much work as I would like or need. So this week I’ve been trying to improve the projects I’ve done. Also had problems with getting all my final A3 prints done. I wanted to get about 10 finals printed again after I improved them, and the uni printer having the usual queue I decied to go to Staples where their prints are of high quality.

Unfortunately, on the first two trips they wouldn’t print, first time was the staff not being up to scratch, second time my memory card corrupting! Eventually got them done & they look great. However I’ve forked out over £50 on folders, materials & prints to get my work as it is! Fingers crossed it is worth & the assesment goes well.

I think I’ve got some very good projects with good research where I have looked at the right kind of design reference. Also some good development. I think the majority of the finals are strong and this is my strong point. The best projects would probably be Manifesto & Branding, the two which I was most enthusiastic about.

However I do feel the research & development has been weak in some of the other projects and this will be my weak point. This is probably down to fact that this is the part I enjoy least in my course, as I have been doing similar work for about 4 years now. However it’s got to be done & its up to me to make in interesting.

I also feel I could have got more helpful feedback if I hadn’t worked as many in work this year. I get to do abit of design work there, it’s a good small group of us there so I’m always trying help out as much as I can. I’m also hoping get a post-graduate job there once I finish my degree. But I need manage my time between work & uni better next year.

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After coming up with my branding, the next part was to come up with a unique way to show my work in a portfolio. I decided to design an online portfolio which I hope to make next semester. I kept the design clean & simple, like my branding. Also easy to navigate. I am pleaed with the outcome, heres how it will look…

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Really enjoyed this project, had to come with aa symbol/logo for myself which I would use to brand myself. Did alot of research into this looking at current logos, how they have to work & other designer’s branding. Also made mood boards of things associated with myself. Eventually settled on the idea of the St. Davids cross, representing the patron saint of Wales and also my name. I kept the colour theme black, white & yellow & the typeface which never fails, Helvetica!

The final logo really works for me I think, and I expanded the project by designing a cross shaped business card. This is one of my strongest projects, as I have a good  amount of work & a good final. Next part is to expand the work through an online protfolio

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Finally the boys did the 600 mile ride! Well done!

After designing the  logo, I’ve been designing all the posters & flyers etc. It’s been a good experience having to try & get things done quick, last minute changes, all the thins that come in a large design job with clients. Its also been great to see my work all over the country, in the papers & out & about Wrexham. Also check the picture below… My logo in the hands of Liverpool legend Ian St. John & comedian Stan Boardman!

Heres abit of the I’ve done for the lads… Plans are on for the next big aim, so hopefully some more designs need doing too!

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Been coming up with ideas for the new A-board to go outside the new Ladies store… Heres a few bits I came up with…

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Final Show Poster

A simple poster design promoting the Final Show in Uni.

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